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Looking for a pet friendly hotel?
Rent a dog friendly vacation home for 30% less!

VRBO has more than 25,000 pet friendly properties

More pet-friendly lodging choices.
Just look for the blue paw print when searching our vacation rental listings!

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More savings.
Skip the expensive kennel fees or high daily costs of fancy pet friendly resorts. Many VRBO vacation rentals charge you a flat fee for the length of your stay.

More space to play frisbee.
Give Rover more room to roam. The average VRBO vacation rental is 1850 sq ft with a backyard. You’ll never stay in a cramped 300 sq. ft room at dog friendly hotels again!

Paw-fect amenities.
Many vacation rentals offer dog runs, water bowls, pet beds and more.

Peace of mind.
Quit worrying what Rover is up to alone, back home. Take your best friend along for the trip.
Search for pet-friendly lodging on VRBO >

Pet Friendly vacation home properties.
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